After the introduction of the 18″ IMG_3731 - Arbeitskopie 2Sabian HH Garage Rides now also the “big brother” is available internationally – something which I am extremely proud of as you can imagine!  Here’s the link to the Sabian Website showcasing all the remasters HH cymbals as well as a shot of my workplace including two Garage Rides, Extreme Crashes, Artisan Hats and several other nice gadgets!

“Garage Ride” is a reminescence to my practicing studio (which used to be a garage before) – for those of you who were wondering what the name really is about. Together with Sabian I had the privilege to help develop two ride-cymbals that support my personal preferences in the best possible way: Dry and smoky sound, fine stick definition combined with very controllable sound features – even if you really “bash” the cymbal with the shank of the stick it will never go too loud and just develop different sounds  – and not necessarily a lot of volume right away. Check it out, you will definitely be surprised!