Interview Screenshot 2“The Sessions” Panel – a board of people dedicated to enrich, motivate and empower young musicians – had me for an interview, hosted by the one and only, Dom Famularo. Here’s the link …  There really were some interesting aspects that I had almost forgotten myself … so if you are interested in what made me choose music as my concept of life: Here you are! Enjoy and spread the word – and also check out some of the other interviews Dom and “The Sessions” have been doing. From Steve Gadd to Simon Phillips to Leland Sklar … you name it. You’ll discover some amazing stuff and “behind the curtain” information that might make you think differently – or confirm other things. And of course also feeling honored to find my name in that list of people of whom many were (or still are) my heroes. Hope you like it and you get something out of it to find your own way through the shoals of the music business!