FLUX strikes again: Join us MARCH 31st at 07:30 pm UTC+2 for another livestream showcase with previously unreleased live footage. In the “now” – no second try … and one more time I have no idea at all which tunes and takes Paul was selecting 🙂 For sure also with some guests on stage. Here’s the link to YOUTUBE, spread word with your drumming AND non-drumming buddies, bring the beer, chips and anything else you may need and off we go! All of this without moving gear, soundcheck and all this – I am starting to see the positive sides of the shutdown :-). And yes, you are welcome to follow us on Instagram, Youtube and Facebook leave a “thumbs up” and/or a comment. Here in the SHOP you find all our albums and DVD, also check out our stuff with Spotify, Amazon Music and iTunes/Apple Music. Find the corresponding links HERE. See you then, stay safe and relaxed and most of all be well and healthy!