„THE RETURN OF DON ARPEGGIO“ – OLIVER KRAUS & ELECTRIC BAND Oliver Kraus (e-guitar), Philip Wibbing (keys), Christian Spohn (bass). Available through www.oliverkraus.de

„ON EARTH“ – FLUX Paul Gehrig (hammond organ, rhodes), Claus Hessler (drums), Thomas Langer (guitar). Available through the shop on this site, Amazon Music,  iTunes/Apple Music or Spotify

„ON EARTH – DRUMLESS“ – The complete ON EARTH album without drums: Replace Claus and jam/record/learn/play along with Paul Gehrig (hammond organ, rhodes) and Thomas Langer (guitar). The tracks are available WITH and WITHOUT CLICK. Available through Amazon Music and  iTunes/Apple Music

„ON FIRE“ – FLUX Paul Gehrig (hammond organ, rhodes), Claus Hessler (drums), Thomas Langer (guitar). Available through the shop on this site, Amazon Music,  iTunes/Apple Music or Spotify

„ISLAND OF XO“ – OLIVER KRAUS Oliver Kraus (git), Alex Holz, Christian Spohn (bass), Ralf Göldner, Claus Hessler (drums), Tom Schlüter (piano). www.oliverkraus.de

„FLUX“ DVD & CD – Paul Gehrig (hammond organ, fender rhodes, strings), Claus Hessler (drums), Thomas Langer (elextric- and acoustic guitar), available through www.paulgehrig.de or the shop on this site. Check the project trailer on YouTube … and another excerpt from the tune „Thunderstorm“ featuring the drums.

„JUST FRIENDS“ & JULIANA DA SILVA Juliana Da Silva (vocals), Oliver Kraus (guitar), Alex Holz (bass), Claus Hessler (drums)

„MERKWÜRDIGE ZEITEN“ – HARALD PONS Harald Pons (vocals), Oliver Kraus (guitar, accordion), Tom Schlüter (piano), Andreas Manns (acoustic bass), Claus Hessler (drums)

„EXULTATIO“ – CHRISTOPH SCHÖPSDAU Christoph Schöpsdau (piano, keyboards), Matthias Dörsam (sax, flute, bass clarinet), Hanns Höhn (acoustic bass), Claus Hessler (drums, percussion)

„WORTE AUS SILBEN UND GOLD“ – VALENTEANO Valenteano (voc.), Claus Hessler (drums), Rhani Krija (perc), Nick Beggs (chapman stick), Jon Reshard, Andreas Thum, Deon Estus (e-bass), Andreas Hillesheim (keys), Dominic Miller (git), Harold Todd (sax)

„SLANGUAGE“ – TOM HILT Tom Hiltner (keyboards, programming), Peter Woelpl (e-git), Norbert Meyer-Venus (e-bass), Petra Scheeser (vocals), Claus Hessler (drums)

„NE ME QUITTE PAS“ – DOMINIQUE HORWITZ / NDR POPS ORCHESTRA Dominique Horwitz (Gesang) ; NDR Pops Orchestra with Enrique Ugarte www.dominique-horwitz.com

“WHAT I FEEL FOR YOU“ – MATT SMITH Matt Smith (git), Phillipp Moehrke (piano, keys), Ralf Layher (e-bass), Claus Hessler (drums, perc) and more, available under www.mattsmithsworld.com

”IN DER KLEINEN BAR“ – NORBERT MEIDHOF Norbert Meidhof (voc), Jochen Hock (piano, keys), Harold Nardelli (tuba), Claus Hessler (drums, perc), Markus Lihocky (alt sax), Johannes Holzapfel (tromp.)

„WHERE IS ONE“ – THOMAS LANGER Thomas Langer (git), Claudio Zanghieri (e-bass), Joo Kraus (Trompete), Dieter Steinmann, Claus Hessler, Chris Maldener (drums), Hanns Höhn (Kontrabass), Jürgen Wüst (keys) and more, emojazz 01303-3/TomLongMusic, www.thomaslanger.com

„HAND IN GLOVE“ – PETER LINHART GROUP Ernst Seitz (piano, keyboards), Robert Oursin (e-bass), Peter Linhart (tenor sax), Claus Hessler (drums, percussion)

„CHANGES“ – ANDREAS JAEGER feat. MICHAEL SAGMEISTER Andreas Jaeger (git), Frank Itt (e-bass), Achim Kueck (keyboards), Michael Sagmeister (git), Claus Hessler (drums, perc)

„NAILIN“ – PETER LINHART GROUP featuring MIKE STERN + RANDY BRECKER Ernst Seitz (piano, keys), Robert Oursin (e-bass), Peter Linhart (tenor sax), Claus Hessler (drums, percussion), Mike Stern (git.), Randy Brecker (trumpet, flglhorn)

„BLUE NIGHTS“ – PETER LINHART GROUP featuring MIKE STERN line up as NAILIN‘, Hotwire Records – EFA 12065-2 HOT 910C

„DEDICATO“ – CAMILLO D’ANCONA + MICHAEL SAGMEISTER Camillo D’Ancona (vocals), Michael Sagmeister (git.), Christoph Spendel (piano. keys), Michael Küttner, Michael Ehret, Claus Hessler (drums), Thomas Heidepriem, Stefan Engelmann, Frieder Gottwald (bass)

„AND MORE … “ – VOKAL TOTAL featuring DARMON MEADER Silke Kahlert-Becker, Reinette van Zijtveld-Lustig, Matthias Becker, Markus Bach (vocals), Ernst Seitz (piano), Robert Oursin (bass), Claus Hessler (drums, perc.), Darmon Meader (vocals, tenorsax)

„OFF THE MAP“ – SQUARE CIRCLES featuring BOB MINTZER + ACK VAN ROOYEN Thomas Langer (git.), Ralf Layher (bass), Jochen Hock (keys), Claus Hessler (drums, perc.), Bob Mintzer (tenorsax), Ack van Rooyen (flglhorn)

„KALALAK“-  THOMAS LANGER Jürgen Köhler (accordeon, keys), Thomas Langer (git.), Udo Kistner (bass), Hans Höhn (bass), Claus Hessler (drums, perc.), Jochen Hock (piano)

„THE ULTIMATE HOTWIRE SAMPLER“ u.a. mit Jimmy Earl, Joe Pass, Percy Jones, Peter Linhart Group, Carol Kaye, Torsten De Winkel; HOTWIRE Records HOT 9017C – EFA 12817

„TIERRA LINDA“ – GEORGE SALTA George Salta (git, berimbao), Ralf Göldner (perc), Ralf Layher (bass), Jochen Hock (keys), Heiko Proske (sax), Claus Hessler (drums)

„TAPS“ – PRYME TYME Markus Wittmann (git), Jochen Hock (keys), Bernhard Kraft (bass), Claus Hessler (drums)

„GREENCARD“ – PICTURE SO Jochen Hock (keys), Markus Lihocky (sax.), Ralf Layher (bass), Claus Hessler + Steffen Gerlach (drums), Markus Wittmann (git), Odilia Rodach (voc)

„STERNE DES SÜDENS“ – TV-JINGLE NDR/ARD Matthias Raue (keys, progr.), Ralf Göldner (perc.), Claus Hessler (drums), Michael Sagmeister, Peter Weihe, Andreas Schulz (git.), Lexi Kärcher (bass)