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The educational hub OPEN MINDED DRUMMING is an overdue, natural extension of my teachings, publications and masterclasses. No matter what level you are at, and no matter what you level you are aiming for – you’ll find RELEVANT, CONSISTENT, EASY TO APPROACH and NON CONFLICTING first hand, legit information on everything that will elevate your drumming to the next stage. Try some of the FREE CONTENT HERE … and let me know how you go with that!

  • Monthly LIVE MEETINGS, recorded and archived
  • Yearly DRUM CAMP – discounted for members of OMD
  • KNOWLEDGEBASE and community
  • Thousands of additional exercises and AUDIO FILES
  • Currently more than 12 hours of VIDEO FOOTAGE
  • Printable high quality booklets for each course
  • DISCOUNTED ACCESS for all my students – approach me for more info.
  • Loads of more courses in the making with ANIKA NILLES and CLAUDIO SPIELER e.g.

The world of COHERENT – CONSISTENT – RELIABLE – LEGIT information. Monthly recorded live meetings. Yearly drum camp. Knowledge base. Different conception. Avoiding redundancy. Avoiding conflicting information. Streamlining your individual learning process.

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