“THE RETURN OF DON ARPEGGIO” – OLIVER KRAUS & ELECTRIC BAND Oliver Kraus (e-guitar), Philip Wibbing (keys), Christian Spohn (bass). Available through www.oliverkraus.de

“ON EARTH” – FLUX Paul Gehrig (hammond organ, rhodes), Claus Hessler (drums), Thomas Langer (guitar). Available through the shop on this site, Amazon Music,  iTunes/Apple Music or Spotify

“ON EARTH – DRUMLESS” – The complete ON EARTH album without drums: Replace Claus and jam/record/learn/play along with Paul Gehrig (hammond organ, rhodes) and Thomas Langer (guitar). The tracks are available WITH and WITHOUT CLICK. Available through Amazon Music and  iTunes/Apple Music

“ON FIRE” – FLUX Paul Gehrig (hammond organ, rhodes), Claus Hessler (drums), Thomas Langer (guitar). Available through the shop on this site, Amazon Music,  iTunes/Apple Music or Spotify

“ISLAND OF XO” – OLIVER KRAUS Oliver Kraus (git), Alex Holz, Christian Spohn (bass), Ralf Göldner, Claus Hessler (drums), Tom Schlüter (piano). www.oliverkraus.de

“FLUX” DVD & CD – Paul Gehrig (hammond organ, fender rhodes, strings), Claus Hessler (drums), Thomas Langer (elextric- and acoustic guitar), available through www.paulgehrig.de or download from iTunes. Check the project trailer on YouTube … and another excerpt from the tune “Thunderstorm” featuring the drums.

“JUST FRIENDS” & JULIANA DA SILVA Juliana Da Silva (vocals), Oliver Kraus (guitar), Alex Holz (bass), Claus Hessler (drums)

“MERKWÜRDIGE ZEITEN” – HARALD PONS Harald Pons (vocals), Oliver Kraus (guitar, accordion), Tom Schlüter (piano), Andreas Manns (acoustic bass), Claus Hessler (drums)

“EXULTATIO” – CHRISTOPH SCHÖPSDAU Christoph Schöpsdau (piano, keyboards), Matthias Dörsam (sax, flute, bass clarinet), Hanns Höhn (acoustic bass), Claus Hessler (drums, percussion)

“WORTE AUS SILBEN UND GOLD” – VALENTEANO Valenteano (voc.), Claus Hessler (drums), Rhani Krija (perc), Nick Beggs (chapman stick), Jon Reshard, Andreas Thum, Deon Estus (e-bass), Andreas Hillesheim (keys), Dominic Miller (git), Harold Todd (sax)

“SLANGUAGE” – TOM HILT Tom Hiltner (keyboards, programming), Peter Woelpl (e-git), Norbert Meyer-Venus (e-bass), Petra Scheeser (vocals); Claus Hessler (drums)

“NE ME QUITTE PAS” – DOMINIQUE HORWITZ / NDR POPS ORCHESTRA Dominique Horwitz (Gesang) ; NDR Pops Orchestra with Enrique Ugarte www.dominique-horwitz.com

“WHAT I FEEL FOR YOU” – MATT SMITH Matt Smith (git), Phillipp Moehrke (piano, keys), Ralf Layher (e-bass), Claus Heßler (drums, perc) and more, available under www.mattsmithsworld.com

”IN DER KLEINEN BAR” – NORBERT MEIDHOF Norbert Meidhof (voc), Jochen Hock (piano, keys), Harold Nardelli (tuba), Claus Hessler (drums, perc), Markus Lihocky (alt sax), Johannes Holzapfel (tromp)

“WHERE IS ONE” – THOMAS LANGER Thomas Langer (git), Claudio Zanghieri (e-bass), Joo Kraus (Trompete), Dieter Steinmann, Claus Hessler, Chris Maldener (drums), Hanns Höhn (Kontrabass), Jürgen Wüst (keys) and more, emojazz 01303-3/TomLongMusic, www.thomaslanger.com

“HAND IN GLOVE” – PETER LINHART GROUP Ernst Seitz (piano, keyboards), Robert Oursin (e-bass), Peter Linhart (tenorsax), Claus Hessler (drums, percussion)

“CHANGES” – ANDREAS JÄGER feat. MICHAEL SAGMEISTER Andreas Jäger (git), Frank Itt (e-bass), Achim Kück (keyboards), Michael Sagmeister (git), Claus Hessler (drums, perc)

“NAILIN” – PETER LINHART GROUP featuring MIKE STERN + RANDY BRECKER Ernst Seitz (piano, keys), Robert Oursin (e-bass), Peter Linhart (tenorsax), Claus Hessler (drums, percussion), Mike Stern (git.), Randy Brecker (trumpet, flglhorn)

“BLUE NIGHTS” – PETER LINHART GROUP featuring MIKE STERN line up as NAILIN’, Hotwire Records – EFA 12065-2 HOT 910C

“DEDICATO” – CAMILLO D’ANCONA + MICHAEL SAGMEISTER Camillo D’Ancona (vocals), Michael Sagmeister (git.), Christoph Spendel (piano. keys), Michael Küttner, Michael Ehret, Claus Hessler (drums), Thomas Heidepriem, Stefan Engelmann, Frieder Gottwald (bass)

“AND MORE … ” – VOKAL TOTAL featuring DARMON MEADER Silke Kahlert-Becker, Reinette van Zijtveld-Lustig, Matthias Becker, Markus Bach (vocals), Ernst Seitz (piano), Robert Oursin (bass), Claus Hessler (drums, perc), Darmon Meader (vocals, tenor sax)

“OFF THE MAP” – SQUARE CIRCLES featuring BOB MINTZER + ACK VAN ROOYEN Thomas Langer (git.), Ralf Layher (bass), Jochen Hock (keys), Claus Hessler (drums, perc), Bob Mintzer (tenor sax), Ack van Rooyen (flglhorn)

“KALALAK” – THOMAS LANGER Jürgen Köhler (accordeon, keys), Thomas Langer (git.), Udo Kistner (bass), Hans Höhn (bass), Claus Hessler (drums, perc.), Jochen Hock (piano); HOTWIRE Records, EFA 12844-2

“THE ULTIMATE HOTWIRE SAMPLER” u.a. mit Jimmy Earl, Joe Pass, Percy Jones, Peter Linhart Group, Carol Kaye, Torsten De Winkel; HOTWIRE Records HOT 9017C – EFA 12817

“TIERRA LINDA” – GEORGE SALTA George Salta (git., berimbao), Ralf Göldner (perc.), Ralf Layher (bass), Jochen Hock (keys), Heiko Proske (sax), Claus Hessler (drums)

“TAPS” – PRYME TYME Markus Wittmann (git), Jochen Hock (keys), Bernhard Kraft (bass), Claus Hessler (drums)

“GREENCARD” – PICTURE SO Jochen Hock (keys), Markus Lihocky (sax), Ralf Layher (bass), Claus Hessler + Steffen Gerlach (drums), Markus Wittmann (git), Odilia Rodach (voc)

“STERNE DES SÜDENS” – TV-JINGLE NDR/ARD Matthias Raue (keys, progr.), Ralf Göldner (perc.), Claus Hessler (drums), Michael Sagmeister, Peter Weihe, Andreas Schulz (git.), Lexi Kärcher (bass)