There is also the option of booking a DRUMS INTENSIVE Coaching. Ten 120 minute units of private one-on-one lessons will be used for intensive work on any of the topics that have been chosen in a personal agreement. As yet another option it is also possible to arrange for five units of 240 min. and/or to do parts of it online through SKYPE or ZOOM to make travelling more effective and scheduling easier. Especially people from outside Germany do use this option frequently. The program aims at professional / semi-professional drummers who are into giving their craft some extra kick, and would like to put their drumming skills to yet another level. The length of this educational sequence usually spreads over the period of around 10 to 12 months.

Among quite some other great students a part of the studies from ANIKA NILLES also took place in this program – most of you will know where this ended 🙂


“Lessons with Claus is the best thing that can happen to you. Besides a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere he simply is an outstanding teacher with stupendous knowledge, amazing feel and unbelievable technique. “


  • VIP Lesson David Garibaldi 2019 July 25 01

Besides Anika quite some other national and international artists do seek out my expertise as a teacher. Thinking twice about certain strategies and improving or even replacing them is nothing to be worried about. Once drummers like DAVID GARIBALDI (TOWER OF POWER) or DANIEL ADAIR (NICKELBACK) however come in for lessons, it is some extra priceless fun to talk drums and technique with players of that caliber!

  • VIP Lesson Daniel Adair 2019 June 25