STEVE SMITH about Camp Duty Update!


Before the release of the international Version of “Camp Duty Update”, a choice of fellow drummers had the opportunity to view the material. Receiving a testimonial like the one attached below from one of your heroes is for sure something special. You can imagine that the day I received Steve’s statement was a point in my drumming carreer that you just don’t forget!

“Claus Hessler’s well researched and detailed historical overview of rudimental drumming is a revelation to me and, I imagine, to most drummers of today. Claus’ snare drum playing is impressive: He gets a beautiful sound on various, well tuned, snare drums, performs with a sublime touch and extremely impressive dynamics. Inspiring and informative, check it out!”

Steve Smith – Vital Information, Steps Ahead, Journey



Claus Hessler MD Banner.010Nice feature in the new  Modern Drummer Magazine June 2016! And the headline “Remember the Future” definitely nails my attitude towards drumming – I could not have described it better 🙂 Thanks again to Mike Dawson, Adam Budofksy and Ilya Stemkovsky for putting this together. Besides that little feature there will also be a series of educational columns on Swiss rudiments with MD; and this does of course relate to my latest release “Camp Duty Update”. The international version is hopefully on its way soon and besides endorsements of  the late great Vic Firth, David Garibaldi and John Wooton there are additional (and in part exuberant) testimonials from Alex Acuña, Bill Bachmann, Dom Famularo and Ralph Hardimon. There are still some more greats to be added to this list – stay tuned for more!


CROATIA Drum Camp Confirmed

10th Croatia Drum Camp.025Just confirmed: I will be teaching and performing at the 10. Croatia Drum Camp alongside Steve Gadd (!), Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez, Pete Lockett, John Riley and Gerald Heyward. Sharing stage with these gentlemen – especially the legendary Steve Gadd (whom I have been admiring since teenager days) – is of course a unique point in my carreer! Summer of 2016 seems to turn out to be extremely busy – smells like six countries in six weeks with four different drum camps – but no holidays … More details soon!