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In the meeting of members at Percussion Creativ, the biggest German speaking drum-community in Europe, a new board and chairmen have been voted during the “Teacherdays” in December. I am honored to be voted the new chairman of this “brotherhood of drummers”, following Udo Dahmen after 20 years of holding this position.  The fellow members of the board include Jörg Fabig (vice president), Stefan G. Schmid (treasury) and Cord Radke (secretary). The additional advisory board consists of: Anika Nilles, Ellen Mayer, Prof. Johannes Fischer, Andy Gillmann, Stefan Landes, Florian Alexandru-Zorn, Patrick Metzger, Manni von Bohr, Domenico Russo-Antunez and Christian Felix Benning. So far I cannot tell if I’ll be able to keep this up for 20 years as well – but I’ll try my best to fill this position as good as I can!

Andy Zildjian, President of Sabian Cymbals, sent over a framed cymbal honouring Udo for his work and effort as a true visionary leader in music education, the cymbal was handed over to Udo Dahmen by the one and only Dom Famularo and Christian Koch.


News from FLUX

FLUX AschaffenburgWe are preparing a new album with FLUX – and the fun continues! Here’s some footage with Paul Gehrig on hammond organ and Thomas Langer on guitar from one of the last gigs in 2015 in a beautiful theater in Aschaffenburg/Germany: Great location and quite a bunch of “no fear” interaction between the three of us on stage! Expect more footage soon …

Here’s the link to the YouTube clip, feel free to share, comment and spread the word.


VIC FIRTH Performance Spotlight

Claus Hessler Performance Spotlight 12-2015New Performance Spotlight with Vic Firth! Captured in the Popacademy Mannheim, this is all about a classic drumming issue: Performing a solo – just yourself and the drums. I look at this as some kind of story you want to tell – so take some time aside and check out how this one evolves. For sure you don’t want to miss the ending and some highlights of its development, right? Here’s the link again …

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