Something to make your corona-quarantine more fun: Here’s a free download of the brand new Swiss rudimental piece ANOTHER RA D’AC; available at NO CHARGE here till end of April 2020. I will also elaborate further on the different sections of the piece in some Instagram video clips, stay tuned for those and feel free to subscribe and follow me. Give it a shot girls and boys, share with your drumming buddies and stay safe! And who knows – maybe you still find some other goodies in the online store: My signature drumset stick, Dom’s pad stick (nowhere else available), books, DVDs and the latest FLUX album … there’s plenty of options. Click here to download the music … oh, and we might have to extend the quarantine looking at the level of the piece 🙂

Another Radac Full Piece pdf



Join us for 30 min. of previously unreleased live footage with FLUX: March 22, 07:00 pm UTC+1 on YouTube. Here’s the link … Frankly speaking, I haven’t seen any of it before – so there may be some unexpected aspects for me as well  (I don’t like the word “mistake”) 🙂 You may also want to check out our new album or the previous ones as well, find them on Spotify, Amazon Music or iTunes/Apple Music. Here are the links. Be well, stay safe and see you Sunday March 22!



Things are developing completely unknown turns: This Friday, March 13 will stay in my mind for a long time I think. At this point, a lot of events have been cancelled; mostly not for good but with an option to postpone them to a later point in time when things have calmed down. Since there are no other options, all we can do is stay at home and practice patience. Which creates time for practicing (anything between possible and impossible things), listen to music and improve your CO2 balance. Everybody should have enough pasta and toilet paper – so nothing can go wrong. A certain dose of humor may also help every now and then … Stay well everybody out there and let’s hope for the best!