Out now: My signature stick with PROMARK! It is really exactly what I was always looking for. Extra durability through the “firegrain” process, excellent grip without feeling “sticky” through “active grip” technology. The stick is a bit longer than a “normal” 5A for more reach and power and also has an extremely long taper for excellent rebound. The tip provides brilliant cymbal sound AND the the weight tolerance between the lightest and the heaviest pair in a package is only around 10 gramms. On top of that they just look amazing … don’t you think? Available here in the shop – and who knows, maybe you still find some book or DVD as a little present for yourself? 🙂



Another exciting trip to Poland and a week of fun, education, information and networking – first time also with international students. We were also shooting educational content which is currently in the editing process – get ready for some really cool and high quality footage with There is also a pretty cool report out with giving you some more idea about what was happening during that crazy week and the final concert. Thanks to Szymon Fortuna and Justyna for organizing it all so well and making this a memorable experience! For next year the crazyness continues: The global ambassador of drumming, Dom Famularo, is most likely going to join us! Get ready for another game changing week in August 2019! A big hand also to my sponsoring companies Sabian Cymbals, Mapex Drums, Promark Sticks, Evans Drumheads, and Alfred Music Publishing!