FLUX “On Earth” (Audio CD)


Album Number 3 with FLUX: Our concept as a band develops further with more original compositions and fearless interaction with the vintage-style hammond organ being the core of our bandsound.

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FLUX “ON EARTH” features compositions that we came up with based on thoughts relating to the changes our planet is going through: With “Laredo” you can almost picture a hot and desert-like landscape with tumbleweed flying around. In “Earth” (which is in 11/8) you may find a mirror of the complexity of our eco-system – yet it has a quite simple but yet haunting melody. A lot of things appear to be simple these days … but actually they are not. With “Sand”, that fat snare on “1” sounds like a dropping chunk of wet sand – and the weird thing about sand actually is that it has become a rare and “in demand” resource. The ballad “Ground” is just a beautiful reminder of how important it is to sometimes slow down, step back, and literally feel the ground under your feet. Our take on “Penny Lane” was simply the aspect that we can’t imagine our musical planet without the Beatles … Saying all that, most of our tracks actually do have little stories to tell.

Trademarks of the music we create together are risk-taking interplay, at times complexity, at times there’s also a good amount of humour in what we do … and in the best possible case you would even hear all that without being given those hints – we hope 🙂 Percussive and yet soaring hammond sounds, fearless and yet melodic guitar lines, solid grooves and yet complex, unpredictable drumming: We are all about uniting contradictions.

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