Open-Handed Playing Vol. 2 (English)


This follow-up to OHP Vol. 1 mostly works on rudiments and linear phrasing, also outlining approaches that you will hardly find in other publications. Nominated BEST EUCATIONAL BOOK with MODERN DRUMMER. In case you are wondering if you first have to go through Vol. 1 before you get this one: No, you don’t 🙂 Feel free to make your choice and pick from some extremely funky and advanced drum set applications!


Based on the concepts of OPEN-HANDED PLAYING VOL. 1 this follow-up mostly works on linear phrasing and the use of rudiments around the drumset, using the benefits of the open-handed position. You’ll find a variaty of exercises and applications that will also complement the vocabulary of “cross-handed” players – also including some approaches about the use of rudiments that you’ll hardly find in other drumbooks (collapsed rudiments, Swiss rudiments etc.). Eight playalongs in different styles help you to experiment with the tools shown here in a musical context. Forewords by international open-handed top players Simon Philipps (Toto), Kenny Aronoff (Mellencamp) and Will Kennedy (Yellowjackets).

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