Available worldwide with Promark: Claus’ personal signature model using “Firegrain” AND “Active Grip” technology. The details: 0,565″ diameter, 16,5″ length, 3,5″ taper, small, acorn-like wood tip. The stick is longer than a regular 5A but with much more taper to enhance rebound. The “Firegrain” technology adds durability and additional strength while “Active Grip” adds grip without feeling “sticky”. The small acorn-like wood tip creates finesse and special touch on your cymbal work. Approximate weight per pair: Around 110 – 1150 gramm.

Claus Hessler Signature Drumsticks (2 pairs)

Release Date : 22. October 2018
Genres : Active Grip, Claus Hessler Signature Stick, drumstick, Firegrain, Promark, signature sticks
Catalog ref. : CH Drumstick 2-P