Book and MP3 CD with Jamtracks 

NOMINATED “DRUMMIE AWARD” WITH DRUM! MAGAZINE (UK) AND “BEST EDUCATIONAL BOOK” WITH MODERN DRUMMER MAGAZINE. More than 200 pages for your daily shed with relevant aspects that every drummer has to have in his toolbox, inlcuding practicing plans and jamtracks in different styles and tempos: Accent Studies – Single Strokes – Double Strokes – Inverted Double Strokes – Buzz Rolls – Flams – Syncopation Concepts – Basic Independence – Grooves in using three and five-note groupings – Basic ostinatowork (Afro-Brazilian, Afro-Cuban …). Testimonials from: Jost Nickel, René Creemers, Dom Famularo, Walfredo Reyes Jr., Oli Rubow, Michael Küttner, Steve Smith. Preface by Dom Famularo.

There are some (older) video workshops with excerpts from DAILY DRUMSET WORKOUT incl. pdf notation (German):

Claus has written a systematic and organized book that will not only help drummers to discipline their practice but also assist in achieving rhythmic abilities that can be developed into interesting drumset vocabulary.


This book not only offers exercises on any necessary technical tools that we drummers use – it also shows incredible “real world” drumset adaptations … This compendium is definitely something all serious drummers should put their heads into. Accept the challenge!


First time I saw Claus, so loose and relaxed do a fast 5 stroke roll with one hand, and then do sixteenth notes with his right hand at the speed of light while playing a samba, I said “What the …!!!“ We got together backstage and I asked him to give me a quick lesson, and he did! Amazing teacher! Claus has the knowledge of how to unleash the power of your hands and feet so you can play anything you feel like playing without blockage. He has put this knowledge in his book showing you step by step how to develop this technique progressively. If you are ready for a positive change, please check this book out and get to work!


Daily Drumset Workout (German)

Release Date : 9. March 2011
Catalog ref. : ISBN-10: 3-933136-85-7