Ich hatte vor Kurzem das Vergnügen, bei DrumHistoryPodcast einen Beitrag über Moeller, Jim und alles was so drum und dran ist zu machen (englisch) – wurde glaube ich informativ und wie üblich auch lustig. Vielen Dank an Bart van der Zee für die Gelegenheit, hier ist der link zum Anhören. Ihr findet die Episode allerdings auch überall, wo es eben Podcasts gibt … Viel Spaß, ich freue mich auf eure Rückmeldungen!


Another online livestream with SABIAN at their Facebook page: Join me today, May 20 for a class on OPEN-HANDED PLAYING … some old AND new materials, there should be something valuable to take away for everybody. No matter if you want to change your game for good – or just improve your craft. See you at 02:00 pm EST, 20:00 / 08:00 pm MESZ. Here is also a little extra pdf free of charge to backup the presentation: open handed playing SABIAN FB LIVE May 20, 2020 To give you extra ammunition, check out the online store with OHP VOL. 1 and 2, DAILY DRUMSET WORKOUT and DRUMMING KAIROS giving you further food for your open-handed practicing. See you very soon, spread word with your drumming buddies!



Hallo zusammen, da die Facebook Session auf Englisch ist, habe ich (auch der Einfachheit halber) mal ganz simpel den englischen Text hierher kopiert … wenn es ernsthaft klemmt, meldet euch gerne! Viele Grüße und bleibt gesund!


April 22 at 02:00 pm: Join me for a FACEBOOK LIVE session with Sabian to learn more about my current book project in the making … and honestly, my favorite playground. In the process of writing this book I really feel it ties together all the aspects of my previous work and topics in a quite unpredictable way: A lot of things just come to “full circle” – the puzzle of drumming is completing more and more. And I suspect it may be a gamechanging experience for you as well … Here’s the link to my notes with the presentation and some exercises: Collapsed Rudiments SABIAN FB LIVE April 22, 2020. Also, you may want to check out my related educational output here, download the “Rudimental Codex” for free, book an online session through Skype or Zoom or have a look at the online store including my works with FLUX, my signature stick with PROMARK or find DOM’S PADSTICK … there are quite some options 🙂 Stay healthy and safe and feel free to connect with me for any questions!