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Educational Columns

Aside from my book releases, masterclasses and teaching I am constantly writing educational columns for international drum-magazines ranging from Germany to Poland to USA to Australia. As a subscriber you can also research the online archives of the magazines – often including links to the videos that accompany the articles. In times of „virtual bubbles“ I would highly recommend the blend of all kinds of different input like a print magazine is typically offering … At this point I am writing for these magazines:



I first started out writing for DRUMS & PERCUSSION more than 15 years ago for this leading German magazin. Topics include all kinds of subjects; for the most part however they reflect my favorite playgrounds like Moeller Technique, Collapsed Rudiments, Swiss Rudimental Drumming/Basel Drumming, and more recently the RUDIMENTAL CODEX of PERCUSSION CREATIV. As a member of Percussion Creativ e.V. you also have access to a number of special benefits.


I am also writing for possibly the world’s leading drum magazine MODERN DRUMMER. In recent years there have been a number of series on topics like Open-Handed Playing, Swiss Rudimental Drumming / Basel Drumming and the RUDIMENTAL CODEX of Percussion Creativ. By the way: Most of my columns cover exercises NOT being previously released in my books – some kind of personal challenge if you will 🙂


Since three years I am also contributing to PERKUSISTA, the Polish drum magazine. Topics are a mix of aspects as covered with DAILY DRUMSET WORKOUT, Open-Handed Playing and also a workshop about the RUDIMENTAL CODEX.


The Australian magazine DRUMSCENE is also publishing educational columns; recently an exclusive series of articles on the Rudimental Codex of PERCUSSION CREATIV. This alternative collection of rudimental patterns from Europe is getting more and more international attention and is complementing the list of 40 PAS rudiments with some extra features.

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