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VIP Coaching

Education is all about mutual trust – both on a personal and a functional level. To me it is a special honor whenever I have international top drummers seeking out my expertise and trusting my advice as a teacher. This of course is not a standard “student/teacher” relationship – I would rather call it a personal process of coaching/exchange of knowledge. Here are some VIP guests in alphabetical order:



Drummer with ELUVEITIE, Teacher & Educator

“Since I‘ve been taking lessons with Claus my whole feel as well as my way of thinking has totally changed.”




„Rarely do you run across a player with such in-depth knowledge of technique matched with the ability to teach it. Claus has helped me in my pursuit of more relaxed and fluid approach to playing. I would highly recommend taking a Skype lesson, it will make a difference!”

Barakoska DSC06959


Drummer | Performer | Producer | www.martinabarakoska.com 

„I’m grateful to have Claus as my mentor on my drumming journey. His unique approach has been inspiring from the start, and his vast knowledge of music and music history, combined with his expertise in technique and understanding of the body, has made a profound impact on my learning. Claus’ ability to share this wealth of knowledge in a relaxed and accessible manner has helped me shift my perspective and opened up new possibilities in music. His creative and insightful mentorship sets him apart, making complex concepts seem simple and understandable. I’m eager to continue my progress with Claus and deeply value his mentorship!”



Drummer with CARL MAYOTTE FUSION QUINTET,  Teacher, Author & Educator

“Claus is without a doubt THE reference in drumming today. What makes him really special is his amazing talent as a drummer/performer combined with his skills as a teacher. His teaching style his well organized, result oriented, effective, clear, fun and modern. I must say that studying on Skype with him has been a very positive experience. I am impressed with his methods and by his understanding of technologies. The quality of the lessons is impressive, if you have never taken a lesson with Claus I highly recommend him. Claus is the best!”



Teacher, Author & Educator | Promoter of OPEN MINDED DRUMMING

“My first lesson with Claus has completely opened my eyes on things that I thought I already knew a lot about, like technique, coordination, phrasing etc. What’s unique about him is that he’s an incredible musician and amazing teacher at the same time. He has great knowledge about anything related to drums and he really knows how to share that information with any student at all levels. I’d recommend getting some lessons with Claus to anyone who seeks for serious and wise answers. “



Drummer with TOWER OF POWER; Teacher, Author & Educator

„ … After my lesson, as an experiment I immediately began using the Chapin-style grip Claus showed me. I was stunned at the level of comfort I felt! I’ve never used a grip like this before…the closest to it was when I studied with Chuck Brown in 1972 in Oakland. I’m a fan…!!! Thank you again for the kindness and hospitality.“



Drummer with MODUS FACTOR, Teacher & Educator

„Claus Hessler is an extreme rarity, amongst drummers and artists. He has painstakingly researched drumming’s rich history while having his feet striding forward into the musical future, expressing himself on the drums with extreme authenticity and no limits.  He plays with the highest standards of excellence, while demonstrating humility being the eternal student. Claus has invested time with the icons of drumming such as Jim Chapin and many others, giving him a direct lineage to the foundations of the instrument. He has a gift to empower all drumming seekers with clarity and simplicity, bringing a blend of challenge, creativity, and fun. This blend is so rare to find in one drummer, and this is why I choose to keep my weapons sharp as a drummer and a person by investing in time with Claus! I highly recommend you spend some time with him to bring your game to its next level of excellence.“

Anika Pressebild 01


Drummer with JEFF BECK & NEVELL; Teacher, Author & Educator

“A lot of my technique comes from Claus … I studied with Claus for 8 or 9 years, starting around the age of 19. Claus is an awesome teacher! He has more knowledge about music and drumming than anybody I’ve ever met.“

Sven Petri


Drummer with SASCHA; Teacher & Educator

„Claus took me out of my comfort zone and simply opened a lot of doors to me. Ultimately speaking he showed me ways and strategies that I didn’t even know they existed.“

Johnny Rabb


Drummer with COLLECTIVE SOUL; Teacher, Author & Educator

“Besides having a very musical and melodic approach, Claus’s playing is completely refreshing and also extremely deep in a sense of independence. Incredible playing with MUSIC COMING OUT OF THE DRUMS, it’s a joy to hear him play! I said it before, but it is ABSOLUTELY REMARKABLE what Claus has done in his presentation of Moeller. Thank you for the KAIROS, man – I am loving it.”

Daniel Schild


Freelancer & Educator

“After more than 30 years of drumming, touring and teaching it was about time to completely rethink my playing and my view on drumming. And with Claus I got the best mentor I could wish for. Every lesson is so much fun and truly inspiring!!”



Freelancer & Educator | stephensdrumshed.com

“When it comes to the lineage of drum hand technique, the history of hand technique, the practical application of that to our rudiments … there’s no one better qualified than Claus. As a teacher, I am constantly thinking about how to become a better player and communicator so that I can teach on a higher level. When I had questions about hand technique, there was no one else to call BUT Claus.”

Jim Toscano low res


Freelancer, Educator & Author | jimtoscano.com

“Claus does not believe in the concept of arriving at one destination, but rather continually exploring the path that moves you toward your highest goals. This means that he does not believe in putting limits on what you can and cannot do as a player.  He combines concepts from the traditions of ancient drumming, with a totally modern approach to drum set and technique. His playing is proof positive that he is a world-class educator and player. Claus has opened my eyes to the possibilities of what I have to offer as a player and educator and he has transformed my level of comfort and ease at which I can access my ideas and execution. I highly recommend that you invest in yourself, by spending time with Claus.”

Philo Tsoungui (Foto Christoph Mangler)


Drummer, Composer & Performer with The Mars Volta, Mine, Fatoni, Chefket

“… Then I started studying with Claus Hessler. He is the best teacher I ever had. His realm of knowledge is so huge. He knows everything about the drums and he knows everything about the body. All of his students can play the craziest stuff and look super relaxed while doing it. He teaches a lot of Moeller Technique which helped me a lot. His collapsed rudiments help you to squeeze out everything out of every rudiment and idea.” (excerpt from MODERN DRUMMER magazine)

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