“What did you teach Anika to make her the incredible player she is?” That actually is a very frequent question I am getting again and again … Based on these multiple requests, Anika and myself are now offering a special one or three-day educational package for your school/institute! Here’s some first short info, we look forward to putting this show on the road! Feel free to reach out to Anika or myself  for more info!


From George L. Stone to Joe Morello, Sanford Moeller to Jim Chapin, Joe Morello to Dom Famularo, Alan Dawson to Tony Williams, Gary Chaffee to Vinnie Colaiuta…  throughout the history of drumming there is an interesting parallel: Behind most influential drummers there is an influential teacher. With Anika and Claus there are the same bonds: With Claus being a master student of Jim Chapin and Dom Famularo and Anika being one of the most influential contemporary drumset artists of the 21st century. Want to know more what made Anika the drummer she is? And have a view behind her concepts? And find out about the connection to her teachers? To learn about your own path in music and drumming? Then this package is for you!


  • Spend a day with Anika and Claus in a relaxed, educational, non competitive atmosphere.
  • Get first hand information from two knowledgable and internationally respected teachers and drumset artists.
  • Daily practicing routine workouts for pad and drumset: What is it you REALLY need to have down to reach the next level?
  • Hand and foot techniques: Reviewing the basics from Moeller to Stone to Gladstone and applying them to the drums in multiple ways.
  • Subdivision studies and groupings: How to create and use 21st century drumset applications.
  • Have a view behind Anika’s and Claus’s practicing and performing routines: See their strategies and learn how to apply them to your level, your settings, your skills.

More detailed information regarding contents and exercises on request. Thanks for reaching out to us, find more info with our websites and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter! We are looking forward to be working with you!

Anika & Claus