Drumming Kairos (English/German)


In search for a method that teaches you Moeller Technique in detail? Here you are … Claus, being a master student of Jim Chapin, focuses mostly on Moeller. Dual language DVD, 120 pages booklet in German and English. The DVD also stretches out to drum set applications and concepts like “Reverse Syncopation” which will give you even more ways to express yourself musically.


KAIROS: The magic moment. The opportune moment for decision or action (Greek); literally “opportunity”. Probably one of the most extensive educational drum DVDs on the market, mostly working on Moeller Technique and its applications on the drumset with Claus being a masterstudent of the late great Jim Chapin. Combines technical aspects, their musical use and puts Claus’ other releases DAILY DRUMSET WORKOUT and OPEN-HANDED PLAYING VOL. 1 and 2 into a unique, comprehensive context.

MODERN DRUMMER MAGAZINE September 2015: “… Claus goes into complex Moeller technique discussion and performance examples, describing the “sweet spots” and other in-depth concepts … demonstrates superb open-handed solos, ostinatos and odd-time patterns … this set can be the next step in unlocking the mysteries of the Moeller method …”.

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