2-Disc Set, 120 pages pdf-booklet and additional free poster with exercises for the daily shed, dual language.

KAIROS: The magic moment. The opportune moment for decision or action (Greek); literally “opportunity”. Probably one of the most extensive educational drum DVDs on the market, mostly working on Moeller Technique and its applications on the drumset with Claus being a masterstudent of the late great Jim Chapin. Combines technical aspects, their musical use and puts Claus’ other releases DAILY DRUMSET WORKOUT and OPEN-HANDED PLAYING VOL. 1 and 2 into a unique, comprehensive context.

Playing the drums is a continuous chain of “magic moments”. No matter if it is “only” about allowing for REBOUND, using a special MOVEMENT or simply adding something special to the MUSIC whenever the moment seems right: There is a perfect time for everything. Being aware of those SWEET SPOTS is one thing. Being able to also take action at exactly the right moments is the common thread that great drummers of ALL STYLES share: The key aspect of GREAT DRUMMING is the complex combination of active will, automated skills and creative intuition – all in the context of TIME.


The facts:

  • Almost 6 hours of video footage
  • 2 Disc Set – Dual language – Multi camera angles
  • Technical and conceptual groundwork
  • Moeller Technique “through the Chapin glasses”
  • Introduction to collapsed rudiments
  • Drumset applications taken from OPEN-HANDED PLAYING VOL. 1 and 2 and DAILY DRUMSET WORKOUT
  • Reverse Syncopation studies
  • 120 pages pdf booklet
  • free poster with Syncopation and Reverse Syncopation exercises for the daily shed
  • Additional video statements by: Steve Smith, Alex Acuna, Johnny Rabb, Walfredo Reyes Jr., Todd Sucherman, Wim de Vries, René Creemers, John Riley

Drumming Kairos (English/German)

Release Date : 4. January 2013
Catalog ref. : ISBN 10: 3943638537, ISBN 13: 9783943638530