Imagine: Drummers from all styles consider rudiments as the basis of their artform – but they hardly know how the music was supposed to sound and how it was accompanied by drummers. This is exactly where Claus’s new book comes in: taking care of the rich history of rudiments and rudimental pieces, starting with backgrounds and connections between different schools of rudimental drumming and the European roots, their transfer into the “New World” to the communication of stylistically adequate performance. Rudimental tunes taken from the “US Camp and Garrison Duty” (including their history) are shown in their original shape as well as in a modern version, using influences from Swiss and French Schools of rudimental drumming as well as collapsed rudiments – a concept of the late great Jim Chapin. The renditions and playalong version using real fife and drum help to create a more detailed and complete picture of rudiments and rudimental drumming – which has not been around like that before.

  • Air des Fifres ou Hautbois & Air des Fifres ou Hautbois Roulée
  • Three Camps & Another Three Camps
  • Breakfast Call & Another Breakfast Call
  • Dinner Call & Another Dinner Call
  • Dusky Night & Another Dusky Night
  • Slow Scotch & Another Slow Scotch
  • Downfall of Paris & Another Downfall
  • Garryowen & Another Garryowen
  • Dixie & Another Dixie
  • Yankee Doodle & Another Yankee Doodle
  • British Grenadiers & Another Grenadier
  • Appendix with additional exercises for the “Another” versions, based on quintuplets and “Collapsed” respectively “Uncollapsed” rudiments
  • Comparative reflections on rudiments of different drumming traditions
  • Outlook on possible adaptations on drumset

Claus Hessler’s well researched and detailed historical overview of rudimental drumming is a revelation to me and, I imagine, to most drummers of today. Claus’ snare drum playing is impressive: He gets a beautiful sound on various, well tuned, snare drums, performs with a sublime touch and extremely impressive dynamics. Inspiring and informative, check it out!

Steve Smith (Drummer Legende mit Vital Information, Steps Ahead, Journey)

I was hooked as soon as I heard the sound of that drum and touch and feel that is absent from so much modern rudimental drumming. I absolutely must have this book in my library not only for my students but selfishly for me! What a brilliant idea and execution of a publication where you can learn about the history of these compositions, how to play them, interpret the music, and be challenged by Claus’ new renditions. Thank you Claus!

John Wooton (Professor of Music at the University of Southern Mississippi, Author of “Dr. Throwdown’s Rudimental Remedies” and “The Drummer’s Rudimental Reference Book”)

Since I first began to play, I’ve loved rudiments and rudimental drumming. We’re taught that rudiments are the foundational movements that allow us to develop vocabulary on the drums. Rarely are we taught about the rich history of the rudimental tradition that goes back centuries, and it’s even more rare to think about how the authors might have interpreted them. Claus gives us a fresh look at this and offers us a new way to look at this unique art form. Beautifully played and notated. Bravo Claus!!!

David Garibaldi (Drumming Legend with “Tower of Power” | Educator & Author)

I feel it is the most definitive book on the history of rudimental drumming that I am aware of. The layout of the book is perfect and gives the reader an excellent understanding of not only the history of rudimental drumming but the connection of rudimental drumming from country to country. The CD and your playing give the reader an aural understanding that is excellent. I like the idea of having the original music and then adding a modern version – it shows the reader how things can change yet keep the original feeling. Congratulations on an excellent addition to the drumming community!

John Beck (Drumming Legend and “Steve Gadd mentor” | Professor Emeritus of Percussion at Eastman School of Music, Rochester NY) 

Claus Hessler’s CAMP DUTY UPDATE (English)

Release Date : 2. October 2017
Catalog ref. : ISBN-13: 978-3-943638-19-6